It is best if you start your project from inside the Club Page.  For example, you should see your school club name in the centre of the page:  

My School Coding Club-HG

Then click on the Create a Lynx Project button.

1. Create your project and NAME your project!

  • Click in the text field that says My Project - Page1 (above the Procedures/Clipart Pane)
  • Type your project name and add -- Hackathon. Click anywhere on the screen outside of the Name Field. 
    • e.g., "A Fairy Tale -- Hackathon" 


  • On the left side, click on the Disk icon.  
    • A submenu will appear to the right of it with 5 choices.
  • Choose Save.  
    • A dialog box will appear and a blue progress bar will move from left to right as saving is done.