Make sure you have already named and saved your project.

There are two ways to share your Lynx project

1. From Inside the Lynx Editor

Click on the Share icon in the top-left corner of the Lynx editor.

 In the dialog box that comes up, click on the + sign to create the URL that is associated with your project. Finally,  click on one of the Share sites: Twitter, Facebook, or copy the link to paste it where needed, or click on E-Mail to send the link by email. 

By default, your project is Private and your friends can only view it.  Uncheck Private on the Project Properties Tab if you want to give them "editing" rights. 

Using the link, he / she will be able to make changes to your project but it will be saved, by your friend, under a new name. Your original Project will be preserved as it was.

2. From within your personal space at

Click on your project to open it in PLAY MODE. 

Then click on Share, on the far right side, and follow the same steps as described above.